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Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Schooling is the means to the goal of education. But this feeling was skewed when pandemic arrived. It came as a shock which was challenging to adapt. Before pandemic mornings were busy rushing to get on time to schools and work but with the entry of covid - life stopped at one phase.

On the spur of the moment my husband started working from home, isolated from larger communities. Remote working was so stressful that being at home he was overworking because of distractions due to various reasons. Despite all the family members present at home there was less possibility for family time. I was glad that my mother was at sight and I was taking care of her ill health but it was very tough to go out and appear for doctor appointments. Travelling and moving out on roads required lot of elucidations to security people out there. I still remember the barricades out of the house when one of my family members was effected with Covid isolated in a room and was going through the emotional and mental stress to overcome the situation. I was engaged with safety measures and the diet to be followed to strengthen the immune system. My father in law for whom morning walks with friends and acquaintance was essential has shifted to Yoga/mindful walking and I started booking online coaching classes for him. Gardening has become favourite activity of my mother in law. She developed small vegetation and it was pleasure collecting the new plantations for her .She was a social person struggling to meet her loved ones but was refrained to video calls. Life at home was completely impulsive from routine life. Apart from this connecting officially through online and attending calls, answering clients, Zoom meetings, Project submission, reviews has become challenging daily activities. I have strived to reach the targets with poor fluctuating networks working from home. I was facing precarious livelihood shouldering the responsibilities of care work.

My home started functioning as school, office and living space. The pressure to juggle multiple roles was stressful. Ensuring that children maintain discipline and attend the online classes as per the timetable, complete their homework, send it to the teacher and prepare for the next day class has become every day routine of mine for two years.

Finally pandemic came in control and children were asked to shut their laptops. The first day of school was a rite of passage and children literally denied to go but finally made it.

I must conclude that Education’s age-old three aspects– Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic – are joined by a fourth: Creative Thinking. Practice of using phones/Social media have to be replaced with experiential learning. Expecting a return of Traditional Classroom learning era with a mentor-mentee relationship and Remedial/blended learning models to be introduced.

Pleased to see that Elders in the family felt relieved leading a social life once again….


Member RR Dept

Pallavi Group of Schools

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