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Benefits of meditation for students

Mediation is an ancient art that helps you cope with life’s stresses and relax your body. It also helps in staying focused, thinking clearly, and achieving a flow state. People often think meditation is only for old people who have fulfilled their worldly responsibilities. But, meditation is for everybody-even students. In fact, meditation can benefit students as much as anyone else as it can help them build their personality.

The stress of daily life, routine of school and home, examinations and the worry for a career are enough for any student to be in a challenging space. While entertainment, sports, hobbies and reading are a significant outlet to ease stress, nothing can beat the power of daily meditation for students.

Recently, the Manodarpan Cell undertook a survey of school students to analyze their perceptions on issues impacting their mental health. A total of 3.79 lakh students took part in this survey from KVs, JNVs, State Government schools & private schools.

The survey demonstrated a few areas where students across the schools responded positively: seeking support from frien

ds, satisfaction with school life, trustworthiness, and yoga and meditation as a coping strategy.

Manodarpan Cell is an initiative of the Ministry of Education (MoE) and is aimed at offering psychosocial help to students, instructors and families for intellectual fitness and emotional health for the duration of the instances of COVID-19 and beyond.

It should be no surprise then, that meditation for students is a critical necessity to take them ahead in life.

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